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TeamLease EdTech, DHTE and NSDC partner to boost Maharashtra’s youth’s employability

Teamlease EdTech has introduced work-linked degree programmes that bridge the divide between education and employment

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TeamLease EdTech, the Department of Higher and Technical Education (DHTE) – Government of Maharashtra, and the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), have partnered to harness the potential of work-linked learning programmes across universities in Maharashtra, contributing to the state’s target of achieving a $1 trillion economy in the next five years until 2028 which demands an annual growth rate of 17.13 per cent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).

The initiative builds on the vision articulated by TeamLease EdTech’s tech-first platform, Digivarsity, which integrates academic study with real-world work experiences. Teamlease EdTech has introduced work-linked degree programmes that bridge the divide between education and employment.

This model empowers students to make informed decisions regarding their educational paths while gaining invaluable practical work experience. The initiative was recently endorsed by the Ministry of Education during a ceremony in Delhi. By fostering a relationship between academic learning and practical work experience, this partnership is set to redefine higher education and employability in Maharashtra. The work-integrated programmes would also be listed on NSDC’s skill India digital hub portal for a wider reach.

Shantanu Rooj, Founder and CEO, TeamLease EdTech, said, “Our mission is to enhance graduate employability across the country by creating accessible, high-quality and scalable learning solutions. The partnership with DHTE and NSDC is a milestone in our journey towards making higher education more relevant and purposeful. By integrating work experience with academic learning, we aim to equip the youth of Maharashtra with the skills required by today’s job market, thereby shaping the workforce of tomorrow.”

The partnership is set to enhance India’s Gross Enrollment Ratio with programmes that promote Learning by Doing, Earning while Learning, and Learning with Enhanced Employer Signalling. This initiative enables universities in Maharashtra to boost employability and prepare students for industry, ensuring they acquire not just theoretical knowledge, but also essential practical skills and work experience.

“Participants of the Work-Integrated Degree Programmes will receive on-the-job internships or apprenticeships, granting them substantial skills and work experience upon graduation. Moreover, each student will benefit from a monthly stipend to support their education and living expenses, realising the ‘Earn while you Learn’ concept,” mentioned Sanjeeva Singh, Executive Vice President, Impact Finance and Partnership Management, NSDC, underscoring the joint efforts to significantly advance youth employability in Maharashtra.

Emphasising the regional focus of the partnership, Chandrakant Dada Patil, Minister of Higher and Technical Education, Maharashtra, said, “This partnership is important for Maharashtra’s educational strategy, aiming directly at enhancing the employability of our youth. It promises to equip students across Maharashtra with not just degrees, but degrees with a difference – those enriched with real-world skills and experiences. We are committed to transform the education and employability landscape to meet the evolving demands of the job market, ensuring our students are ready to contribute effectively to Maharashtra’s growth and prosperity.”

This partnership reflects the collective vision of TeamLease EdTech, DHTE and NSDC to empower the youth of Maharashtra, equipping them with the necessary tools to excel in the competitive job market. Through this partnership, Maharashtra is set to emerge as a model state in creating a skilled and employment-ready workforce, contributing to the state’s and the nation’s economic development.

“Maharashtra is at the forefront of educational innovation and economic development. Through this partnership, we are setting a new benchmark for higher education in our state. Our educational institutions must align with the evolving demands of our economy. This collaboration between TeamLease EdTech, NSDC and the Department of Higher and Technical Education will play a pivotal role in equipping our youth with the skills necessary for the future, thus contributing significantly to Maharashtra’s goal of becoming a global economic powerhouse,” said Vikas Rastogi, Principal Secretary – Higher Education, Government of Maharashtra.

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