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STEMpedia organises Codeavour 5.0 International

Codeavour 5.0 International is an innovation fest for the next-generation, where participants make innovative projects

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Ahmedabad-based EdTech STEMpedia recently organised Codeavour 5.0 International, along with ART PARK@IISc India’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics Technology Park, established by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bengaluru and supported by AI Foundry.

Codeavour 5.0 International is an innovation fest for the next-generation, where participants make innovative projects with hands-on learning using PictoBlox to make the world a better place. The competition also saw support from organisations like Amazon Web Services (AWS), NITI Aayog, Agastya Foundation, SRF Foundation and STEM.org, among others.

Dhrupal Shah, Founder, Director and CEO, STEMpedia, said, “Five years ago, we initiated Codeavour intending to empower young innovators, and equip them with the necessary skills for the future workforce. Our commitment to enrich these young minds has been unwavering. This year, we are thrilled to announce that the top 20 winners will be awarded a trip to Mexico to participate in the FAB24 Event, accompanied by their mentors. As we continue our journey, our goal remains to offer even greater value to these bright young individuals, transforming them into the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.”

Chief Guest Dr Biswajit Saha, Director, Skill Education and Training, CBSE, shared his insights with the audience on fostering computational thinking among the youth, emphasising its importance as a foundational skill that transcends traditional academic boundaries.

He elaborated on the evolving nature of future job roles and highlighted the necessity for students to engage with both social and technological frameworks alongside their academic pursuits.

The event also witnessed an expert talk by the Guest of Honour Michael Peter Edson, Chief Museum Officer, Museum of Solution.

Edson gave his address on the topic “Create, Code, and Play: The Youth-Led Revolution for a Sustainable Future.” He shed light on the impact that coding and creative innovation can have on fostering a sustainable world. He also stressed on the vital role of youth empowerment in driving innovation and sustainability, illustrating how young minds are at the forefront of pioneering a more resilient future.

The event also had a panel discussion titled “AI EduFusion Conclave: Shaping Global School Education with AI, Robotics and Policy Insights.” This engaging forum delved into the Government of India’s efforts to weave AI and robotics into the fabric of school education, showcasing successful case studies and discussing the enduring impact of technological educational programmes across India.

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