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DIYguru and L&T EduTech join hands for e-mobility training in Indian universities 

The collaboration is taking place to develop E-mobility ecosystem across universities

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DIYguru is planning to equip the workforce for India’s rapidly expanding Electric Vehicle (EV) sector. The company is driving this change with its ‘hardware-driven approach,’ in which the tri-party collaboration of DIYguru, Tadpole Projects and EVI Technology is working on the in-house manufacturing of the EV systems designed to upskill the learners with the combination of 2W technology, retro fitment, embedded for vehicle automation, charging systems and advanced 4W segment.

To achieve the target of “All India EV laboratories” and advanced training, L&T Edutech has initiated a collaboration with DIYguru as its implementation partner. This collaboration focuses on the E-mobility ecosystem development across universities and institutions at both private and government levels. Students will not only be provided with advanced training, but will also undergo live sessions, along with the EV lab Centre of Excellence (CoE), implemented and maintained at their respective institutional campuses. This initiative will allow accessible EV practical training, which is currently a concern in this sector.

Avinash Singh, Founder and CEO, DIYguru stated that DIYguru and L&T Edutech are not just part of the EV revolution — they are leading the sector with innovative growth, and R&D-driven solutions. DIYguru has served more than 25 industries in the past 12 months from eight different technology sectors, highlighting the incorporation of E-mobility across different industry chains.

The proposal here is to develop more advanced systems over the next 12 months, focussing on heavy vehicle units, EV analytics and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, and hands-on EV vehicle development. The content developed for this partnership from DIYguru is supported by L&T Edutech in terms of quality refinement and industry synchronisation. The training segments, categorised to meet the demands of electrical, electronics, mechanical, automotive and computer science domains, ensure a comprehensive and well-rounded upskilling.

DIYguru is implementing this model across its COEs and with several universities across different regions of India. The collaboration is also extended into the ITI/Diploma sectors, where the hardware focuses on repairing, maintaining, and servicing the vehicle powertrains and charging stations for service and on-site job profiles. The curriculum is divided into 11 sectors, each targeting one specific technology area.

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