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neuro42 secures investment from angel investor Karna D Shinde

This is Shinde’s third round of investment in the company

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In a recent announcement, MedTech company neuro42 has secured undisclosed investments from investor Karna D Shinde. This is Shinde’s third round of investment in the company, a statement from the company notified.

According to the statement, Shinde has been closely associated with the company since its formation, and has shown unwavering support for neuro42’s mission to revolutionise neuroimaging and interventions.

neuro42’s MRI is designed to specialise in imaging the brain and head, with a key focus on MR-guided interventions. One of the primary drivers of innovation at neuro42 is its ability to amplify the capabilities of neurosurgeons, particularly in complex and time-sensitive procedures such as the treatment of brain tumours and epilepsy, the statement added.

“The diagnostic and interventional capabilities of neuro42’s MRI have the potential to transform the way challenging brain tumour cases are approached and treated,” stated Shinde in the statement.

In the neuro intervention space, the need for advanced tools that can aid in precise diagnosis and targetted interventions is more critical than ever. The Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven tissue characterisation feature that neuro42 is developing, provides neurosurgeons with insights, and enables them to make informed decisions and improve patient outcomes.

The compact and transportable nature of neuro42’s MRI system further enhances its utility in clinical settings, offering flexibility and convenience to healthcare providers. With the interventional MRI, the ability to perform imaging and interventions can reduce treatment delays and improve the overall efficiency of neurosurgical procedures.

“We are thrilled to announce the FDA clearance of our bedside MRI product. Our team has been focussed on making a difference in patient care, and now we can arm healthcare providers with a tool to improve accessibility to neuroimaging,” said Abhita Vohra, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, neuro42, in the statement.

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